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Construction Details

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Design Details

We have built many home offices both large and small. A wide variety of features are built in to satisfy individual client needs. We specialize in personalizing each project  to insure customer satisfaction. Some are painted, others are in natural wood finish. As we continue with this line more and more are incorporating features to accommodate the significant trend in office technology.


Design Details

This is a law office located in New York north of the metropolitan area. Everything inside is new and occupies two floors. In addition to the many lawyer and paralegal offices and conference rooms, it includes furnishings for employee locker rooms, kitchen, lounge, exercise area and accommodations for child day care. We were the prime contractor for the furnishings but a project of this size was too large for us to do alone. Fortunately, we know many good cabinetmakers in Vermont. We collaborated with one to make this a very successful project. From furniture, cabinetry,  kitchens, vanities and even a race car track, we covered essentially all elements of woodworking. This demonstrates the variety of our capability.