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Construction Details

mailto:billtsr@gmail.com?subject=Message from websiteModeler's workbench - Ideal for the ship builder and miniature furniture hobbyist

This workbench was made by my father who enjoys model ship building. The idea was to give him something that could be easily used, had a place for everything he needed, fit into a small area and would look like a piece of furniture when not in use. In the closed position shown above it is 46" wide, 19.5" deep and 44" high

The design is flexible enough to meet the needs of a variety of modelers' interests.


This bench is made of a combination of solid cherry wood and cherry furniture-grade plywood. It is coated with our own special durable finish of linseed oil and urethane.

The solid cherry top is very durable and ideal for model work. It opens to 26" deep and 44.5" wide.

The top right door can be equipped  with a magnetic bar for holding hand tools. The top left door has a 20 hole block for holding small tools.

The shelving is designed to handle wood planks 4" wide and 24" long as well as other parts and materials.

The bottom left door is equipped with three removable blocks mounted with magnets so each can be removed for easy access. Two are drilled to hold Dremal tools, small drills and files. The fourth is solid and can be drilled for your custom needs. The larger block is for the storage of larger files and there is additional space to mount other tools of your choice.

The four drawers are enclosed in a pullout box supported by heavy duty slides. In the open position this box is pulled forward to support the top and provide easy access to the drawers. All drawers are mounted with full extension hardware for easy use and removal.

The door on the right side provides access to a pullout panel which accommodates 24" long wood strips and dowels on one side and drawings and manuals on the other.

The bench is equipped with a double 115 volt receptacle. An extension cord is in the rear.

To complete the features there are two large drawers on the left side. They provide storage for power equipment and larger items.